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Woman's Getaway Vehicle Doesn't Work Well
Published: September 30, 2016 | | 219 Clicks |
An alleged robber in Gainesville, Florida, managed to successfully get away from an Arby's restaurant, only to be foiled in part by her choice of getaway vehicle: a taxi cab.

Bank Robber Suspect Busted In "Incredible Coincidence"
Published: September 30, 2016 | | 187 Clicks |
A man charged in a fatal bank robbery 13 years ago was captured with the help of a tipster and DNA secretly collected from an envelope when he coincidentally filed a fraud complaint.

Police Arrest Woman For OVI Twice In 6 Hours
Published: September 29, 2016 | | 282 Clicks |
A Ravenna woman is facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence after officers pulled her over twice in the same day.

Alleged Lane Cheater Used Cardboard Donald Trump Head
Published: September 29, 2016 | | 267 Clicks |
The Washington State Patrol said a trooper pulled over an alleged carpool violator who had affixed a cardboard photo of Donald Trump to the passenger seat.

Florida Man Robs Subway While On The Phone
Published: September 28, 2016 | | 419 Clicks |
It must have been a very good conversation.

Man Asks Cops If They Found His Briefcase Full Of Cocaine
Published: September 28, 2016 | | 394 Clicks |
A man was arrested Sunday after asking police if they found his misplaced briefcase.

California Man Sentenced to 30 Years In Prison For Attempting To Join ISIS
Published: September 28, 2016 | | 289 Clicks |
A 25-year-old California man will spend the next three decades in prison for trying to join ISIS - and his bloodthirsty co-defendant is up next.

Drunk Driver Asks Police To Touch Up Her Arrest Photo With Beauty App To Make Her Look Better
Published: September 27, 2016 | | 403 Clicks |
Kids, don't drink and drive. Lest you end up the object of internet mockery.

Florida Police "Holding On To" Potted Marijuana Plants Until Owner Steps Forward
Published: September 26, 2016 | | 360 Clicks |
A Florida police department said it is "holding on to" 16 potted marijuana plants found on a trail until the owner comes forward.

Man Who Stole Statue Of Naked Donald Trump Surrenders, But Won't Speak
Published: September 25, 2016 | | 419 Clicks |
A Coral Gables man wanted in the theft of a naked Donald Turmp statue in Wynwood turned himself in to police Friday - but refused to speak and invoked the Fifth Amendment, police said.

Police Bust Driver For Being In Carpool Lane With Mannequin
Published: September 25, 2016 | | 410 Clicks |
A driver with a mannequin riding shotgun was cited Wednesday for traveling alone in the carpool lane.

Crime Stoppers President Charged in $3M Pot Bust
Published: September 25, 2016 | | 422 Clicks |
The president of an Ontario chapter of Crime Stoppers was forced out of his position this week, after police charged him in connection with a large marijuana grow-operation.

Man Arrested After Seen On Facebook Allowing 3 Yr. Old To Allegedly Smoke Marijuana
Published: September 24, 2016 | | 399 Clicks |
North Little Rock police have arrested a man after he was seen on a Facebook video allowing a child to smoke what was believed to be Marijuana.

Peeing On Floor, Sleepwalking Common, Accused Drunk Driver Tells Trial
Published: September 24, 2016 | | 349 Clicks |
Sleepwalking, sleep driving and peeing all over the house in the middle of the night were common behaviours of a man who insists he was not driving drunk when he struck and killed a man in 2014, a court heard Wednesday.

Man Steals More Than $700 Worth Of Diapers At Walmart
Published: September 24, 2016 | | 412 Clicks |
A South Florida man is facing charges after he stole more than $700 worth of diapers from a Walmart, Broward sheriff's deputies said.

Drunk Driver Produces Costco Card Instead of License
Published: September 23, 2016 | | 463 Clicks |
Kingston Police arrested a 42-year-old Hamilton man for impaired driving on Sunday after police say he showed signs of severe intoxication in downtown Kingston.

Fake Cop Tried To Lure Women Into His Car
Published: September 23, 2016 | | 533 Clicks |
A man was arrested Tuesday in St. Cloud on suspicion of impersonating a law enforcement officer and stalking.

Immigrant Hit Robber With Car In Bank Parking Lot
Published: September 23, 2016 | | 420 Clicks |
While waiting for a drive-up ATM to spit out his money late Monday night, the driver of a Chevy Cobalt was startled by an armed man who had snuck up on the driver's-side window, police said.

Shirtless, Shoeless Suspects Seen On Surveillance Burglarizing Real Estate Office
Published: September 22, 2016 | | 436 Clicks |
Lakeland police are looking for two suspects who were seen on surveillance burglarizing a real estate office.

O Canada! Mint Worker Smuggles Pounds Of Gold "Pucks" Using His Rectum
Published: September 22, 2016 | | 586 Clicks |
An employee at the Royal Canadian Mint is accused of stealing $180,000 worth of gold by secreting it in his rectum to bypass mint security.

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An officer witnessed the breaking of glass in Jenkins Hall. A male student was seen brushing glass from his shoulder, but claimed the glass was already broken when it fell from its frame on him.

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In January 2007, weeks after pleading no contest to a reckless driving charge stemming from a drunk driving arrest in September 2006, Paris Hilton was pulled over and issued a citation for driving with a suspended license. She signed a document acknowledging she was not allowed to drive (but did anyway) and was again pulled over in February, this time charged with a probation violation. As a result, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail, which she began serving in June 2007. Hilton modeled for the mug shot on the left after her September 2006 arrest. The shot on the right was snapped by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department when she began serving her sentence.

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